tamara arruti

A brief background

Tamara Arruti is a professional dancer, choreographer, movement director and coach. She grew up in a little town called Zarautz, the Basque region of Spain. She started dancing aerobics at the age of 7, and at 14 her exploration into hip hop began. She received her bachelor degree in physical therapy; taking care and healing others was always something she had a calling for. At 21 Tamara moved to Belgium where she combined her therapist job (working with mentally challenged adults) and dancing on the side. Training in all kinds of dance forms to educate herself, and find freedom in her own movement. In 2013 she competed in a world famous TV-show: So You Think You Can Dance. It was from this point that her professional dance journey took off. She realised what she really wanted to do and chased this feeling. Since then she has worked in musicals like Beauty And The Beast, and choreographed/danced with many artists such as Stromae, Dj Afrojack, Icona Pop, Matt Taylor, Stan Van Samang, JWLDMS etc… By working hard with the mindset of growth, adaptation, and the will to keep learning, Tamara is well on her way within several working fields. She’s currently working as a professional choreographer, teacher, mentor and movement director. Working with The Movers Amsterdam and freelancing; creating for music videos, short and feature films. Tamara’s her core purpose has always been connecting with people; make people feel, and bring light into their lives by letting them see different perspectives.

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